The subscription economy is here

For the past five years, subscription-based revenue has grown 10X the rate of traditional shopping revenue.

It's not 10% or 100% better. It's a game-changing 1000% difference in sales growth compared to grinding it out sale-by-sale. In wine, we've seen some subscription retailers grow to 500,000 cases in as little as 6 years just by simplifying the wine buying experience. It's not surprising...

We all just want stuff to show up.

Even if you already have a club, it's probably not delivering the results you want. Customers expect personalization and an engaging experience and that's been too hard to deliver at scale. This is why we built Magia.

Generate recurring revenue with Magia

Magia is the first embeddable subscription service for wine retailers. We provide a self-service interface where shoppers select themes that represent their interests. Magia then translates each user's themes into a periodic selection of product bundles that are processed through your existing order management and fulfillment processes.


Wine buying is simplified to a one-time selection of a few themes


Wine selections are hyper-personalized for each customer


Magia provides recurring revenue with no new operational processes

You can even use the community themes to get started and/or create your own themes based on the specialties of your store and interests of your customer base.

The huge competitive advantage you're not using

The wines of vertically-integrated subscription retailers simply aren't very good. With no professional reviews and CellarTracker scores in the low-mid 80s, they don't compete on quality with the best of the best you select from tens of thousands of commercial wines. You also have 10X to 100X as many SKUs, allowing you to personalize to everyone's preferences and budget.

Together, we unlock this advantage. Added to your inventory, order management and fulfillment processes, Magia provides your customers a club experience that leapfrogs your competition.

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